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About Madbursts

My name is Emma Nwawudu and I am a British Photographer living and working in Nigeria. I have an Honours Degree in Media Arts and a Master's Degree in Photography from the University of West London.

After graduating I worked for eight years as a commercial photographer, which included three years working as the UK Photography Co-ordinator for JCDecaux, the world's second largest Outdoor Advertising Agency.

What is photography to me? I can best describe it as a feeling, not a technical process, I can't explain it any better than that. It comes from the inside and makes me happy, especially with portraits. I focus on beautiful natural photography and specialise in creating images that capture and reflect the inner spirit.

I love to use natural light where possible, but at times when it isn't available I am experienced and possess the necessary lighting equipment to produce the perfect image. So, whether it is a family portrait, corporate event or wedding of the year, rain or shine my team and I endeavour to produce quality images.

Madbursts - the name where does it come from? Most of my clients say with a smile that "once you have tasted a Madbursts photography session, you will understand".

I live in Lagos with my husband and two daughters. We make sure we enjoy every day .

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