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Firstly, congratulations on your upcoming wedding.

We wish you happiness and joy for your future marriage. With the event still ahead of you it is often forgotten that in 12 months time, the only thing that you will have to remember your wedding day is your husband, your wedding ring and your photographs!

Photographs are THE visual memory of one of the most special days in your life and I advise any couple, whether you book Madbursts or someone else, to not cut costs or compromise on their choice of wedding photographer.

A wedding is an unrepeated, multi stage, often multi location, continuous and live event, so successfully capturing such an event should not be trivialised. There are no re-runs.

I use my experience to guide you through your day and help you develop a clear photography plan that fits into your wedding schedule so you can totally relax on the day.

For those clients who unfortunately do not have the wedding photographs they dreamed of and who are lucky enough still to be able to fit into that dress, we do offer a bridal re shoot package.


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